Planning storage organization is key!

When planning a new kitchen, take some time to think about how you currently use your space, how your contents are currently stored and how you visualize using your new cabinetry. Will you be storing the same things in your existing kitchen or are you planning on adding new dishware or cookware? Perhaps you have over-sized pots, pans, platters or small appliances that could use a better place to store.

Consider purging items you don’t use anymore that are just taking up wasted space. Even when remodeling to a newer kitchen design, it doesn’t make sense to save old items you hardly use. Taking the time to plan out how you want to use your new space can often result in a much more cohesive and functional kitchen that you’ll enjoy for years on end. We once had a client who collected a variety of teas. She wanted us to build her a section that included several small drawers for each of her special herbal teas. While not practical for everyone, it was just the right solution for her!

Storage Accessories
Take advantage of the many kitchen organizers on the market today. While not always practical, many storage accessories will make your life much easier. For example, if you are storing seasonal dishware in your corner cabinet, it may not be practical to purchase a storage organizer that will only be used yearly or twice a year. However, if you are storing day-to-day pots and pans or other frequently used items, it may be well worth the small investment to add a corner organizer in your new space.

Do you love to spice it up when cooking? From pull outs to drawer organizers, organizing spices have come a long way!

Visit our showroom today to see these and many other cabinet storage solutions now on display!

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